The Jilting of Granny Weatherall-Character Analysis

Topics: Love, Broken heart, Yoko Ono Pages: 3 (985 words) Published: May 25, 2011
Ellen Weatherall, or better known as Granny Weatherall, was an eighty year old woman who was waiting death. While waiting in her bed in her room, with a beautiful view outside her window, she recalls the different events in her life that defined her character. Of the many things she recalled, her broken heart was the worst for her, as it impacted the person she was. Granny was a respectable woman that demanded respect, and would stop someone in their track to ensure that she received it. Granny Weatherall was a Southern lady, who was well organized, hard working, and demonstates the path of her curvy road ,which included sorrow and happiness. Theses different events are the reason that Granny is who she is, inside and out.

Granny Weatherall was a well organized woman and a hard worker, who made sure that everything was in order. She believed that it was good to have everything clean and folded away, with the brushes and tonic bottles sitting strait on the white embroidered linens. Her day started off without fuss, and the pantry shelves were laid out with rows of jelly glasses and brown jugs and white stone- china jars which were labeled as to what belonged in them. She even made sure that the fields were planted in perfectly aligned rows so that they were organized. To ensure that things were done, Granny once fenced in one-hundred acres, digging the fence post holes herself, clamping the wires with just a Negro boys help. This kind of hard work she said would change a woman. Since she was from the country, she definitely was part of the Southern culture. This explains a lot in that the Southern culture believes in working. For example, most country families were some kind of a farmer. Her roots show that she was instilled to take care of things. Granny knew that what she had she had to take care of because it was bitter to lose things and she did not believe in letting things waste away. Granny, even on her death bed could not help but...
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