The Jilting of Granny Weatherall

Topics: Katherine Anne Porter, Cognition, Mind Pages: 3 (998 words) Published: May 8, 2012
Granny Weatherall’s Last Day of Confusion
Granny Weatherall was severely confused during Katherine Anne Porter’s, “The Jilting of Granny Weatherall”. Porter took the reader through Granny’s exact stream of consciousness on her last living day. Reading a story like this leaves the reader slightly confused and disoriented just like Granny was. Her disorientation, however, was attributed to four main causes. Individually these reasons would have confused a person, but collectively they paved the way for her slide into oblivion and eventually into her grave. The primary reasons for Granny Weatherall’s state of mind are that she is first and foremost elderly; on top of that she is sick, drugged, and constantly drifting to and from consciousness.

Throughout her final day, Granny Weatherall takes numerous trips down memory lane. She began her memories with a time when Cornelia, her daughter, had been “‘So good and dutiful’” that she needed a proper spanking. As Granny started drifting to sleep she thought about the day that was to come and the countless tasks she must finish. She then remembered the letters in the attic: “All those letters – George’s letters and John’s letters and her letters to them both – lying around for the children to find afterwards made her uneasy . . . No use to let them know how silly she had once been.” While lost in her own train of thought, death crept into her head. She had prepared for it twenty years ago but had overcome that convinced that a “noggin of hot toddy” was what she needed; after all, a hot toddy a day was what her father said kept him alive until he was one hundred and two. Her thoughts then went back to Cornelia. Granny felt that Cornelia underestimated her because of her age: “‘Don’t cross her, let her have her way, she’s eighty years old.’” When Granny considered her age she noted that Lydia still drove eighty miles for motherly advice, and Jimmy, he continued to come to her for business tips. She even wished her late...
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