The Jilting of Granny Weatherall

Topics: Christianity, Christian terms, Short story Pages: 1 (337 words) Published: April 30, 2013
The Minister’s Black Veil
In “The Minister’s Black Veil”, the black veil symbolizes a secret sin. Mr. Hooper wears the black veil to hide his sins and to confront people of their sins. The townspeople were disturbed by this black veil because he was facing them with their sins. He wore this black veil everywhere he went. The black veil separated him from God and the townspeople. Mr. Hooper wore the veil to church, funerals, weddings, and even his death bed.

At the beginning of the short story, it opens up on a Sunday morning at church. The congregation is shocked to see Mr. Hooper dressed in a black veil. He preaches to the people about secret sin and things that people hide in their hearts that left them confused never explaining to them why he was wearing the black veil. The congregation thinks that there is someone else inside Mr. Hooper preaching. “..The pale-faced congregation was almost as fearful a sight to the minister, as his black veil to them.” The people were worried about Mr. Hooper hiding his secret behind the black veil that they forgot about their own secrets. The people were upset and didn’t understand why Mr. Hooper was wearing the black veil because, the puritans having strict faith in God and religion, they didn’t realize that were imperfect and had secret sins of their own.

Mr. Hooper performs a ceremony at a young lady’s funeral still dressed in the black veil. “The fact that the veil appears on the same day as the funeral could possibly mean that he either loved the woman or had something to do with her death.” The townspeople started to get more and more concerned with the black veil. “The black veil, although it covers only the pastors face, throws its influences over the whole person, and makes him ghostlike from head to toe.” The people of the church viewed Hooper as ghostlike or even dead. The young lady’s funeral symbolizes the Mr. Hooper’s sins.
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