The Janitor Who Smiles

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  • Published : February 12, 2013
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The Janitor Who Smiles

When you hear the word janitor, nothing glamorous comes to mind unless you are into cleaning. Most people think that janitors only scrubbing toilets or mopping floors, basically cleaning up after other people who most of the times show no appreciation. When asked what comes to mind when you hear the word janitor, my friend said, “someone who is poor and not well educated”. Not very many people believe that a person who works as a janitor could actually like their job because in involves cleaning up after people. Mrs. Tamika is a perfect example of someone who does with no complaints. Mrs. Tamika is 62 years old and has been a janitor at Tom Landry Elementary for six years. She is a 6 foot tall, African-American woman who has a smile on her face at all times. Mrs. Tamika has big light brown eyes, a gap in between her two front teeth and has lots of black long curly hair. She also has been married for 26 years, when she is not working, she loves spending time with her friends and family at home and cooking dinner for family to enjoy. Every time you see Mrs. Tamika in the hall, you can’t get away without her making you laugh with one of her jokes. When I asked Mrs. Tamika if I could interview her about her job, her smile got even bigger. Although I would never want the job of a janitor, Mrs. Tamika couldn’t be any happier with it. As she smacked her gum, she began to tell me about the passion she has for the work she does.                         The smile on Mrs. Tamika’s face never seemed to go away as she began to explain her typical day to me. As Mrs. Tamika started describing her job to me, I realized how much she really did love her job. When asked to describe a typical day this is what Mrs. Tamika said, “Well I arrive at work at 7:45 a.m., but i don’t clock in until 8:00 a.m. The reason why we get there early is so we can socialize. I have to say hello to everyone! That starts my morning off perfectly”. After leaving the room...
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