The Issues with Nuclear Proliferation in North Korea and Iran

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The Issues With Nuclear Proliferation in North Korea and Iran Chris Haughney
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Kris Shaw

Have you ever thought about how different everyday life would be if there was a nuclear war? The thought doesn't really cross people's minds very often, except for the occasional movie or T.V. show, but the reality is that they still present a serious danger to everyone. Even though the cold war has ended, the threat of nuclear war still remains because of the continued proliferation of the most destructive weapons that mankind has ever created. Even though nuclear weapons are one of humanity's greatest threats, countries like North Korea and Iran still pursue them because they believe it will aid them politically.

Nuclear weapons pose a huge danger to humanity, but some people don't understand how they work. A nuclear bomb is a device that harnesses the power of a nuclear reaction and unleashes it. They are usually made from enriched uranium or weapons grade plutonium, and they can be delivered in many different ways, but misses or aircraft deployed bombs are the most common. Nuclear weapons are called weapons of mass destruction for a reason. One small nuclear device is enough to level a city, and potentially kill hundreds of thousands, or even millions, of people. After the blast, a large amount of radiation is released in the form of nuclear fallout. The radiation can remain for tens of thousands of years, and it can cause radiation sickness, cancer and death in humans.

Nuclear weapons play a huge role in politics, especially of the last half a century. The United States and Russia started the Cold War over them. The only thing that stopped the two superpowers from destroying each other was the reality of mutually assured destruction. If one country were launch its nuclear weapons against the other, they would have both launched their weapons, and it would resulted in the destruction of the planet. Today, we have the issue of other countries obtaining nuclear weapons and causing arms races in their regions. This has already occurred between India and Pakistan. Both countries have nuclear weapons and there are high tensions between the two over the dispute of the region of Kashmir. The could begin a nuclear war at any time. Another region that is destabilized by nuclear weapons is the Korean peninsula. North Korea is has begun to escalate its nuclear program and they have had multiple successful nuclear tests, and now they are developing their missile technology to deliver the nuclear weapons. This has cause high tensions between North and South Korea and their allies. The middle east is also dealing with the problem of nuclear proliferation. Iran has begun enriching uranium for their nuclear weapons program, and this has caused tensions between Iran and Israel.

North Korea has acquired nuclear capabilities, even if they are crude. North Korea's recent success with nuclear weapons, tensions with South Korea have become even more strained. North and South Korea have been at war with each other since 1950. Open fighting stopped between these two countries in 1953, but they never really stopped fighting. The North have been working on their missile technology. They have been showing of their new Musudan missile, which has a 2,500 mile range, which is more than enough to hit South Korea or Japan (Gordon & Sang-Hun, 2013) . They have also began working on an intercontinental ballistic missile, which will allow North Korea to hit Hawaii or the west coast of the United States. One of the problem that North Korea has to overcome is the size of their nuclear weapons. Their devices are too large to be delivered by a missile right now, but once their begin miniaturizing their warheads and increasing the reliability and accuracy of their misses, they will pose a serious threat in their region.

North Korea has not really made any friends because of continued...
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