The Issue of Education in Hong Kong

Topics: Education, Learning, Educational psychology Pages: 2 (479 words) Published: June 26, 2012
Hong Kong’s education system has been criticized for being extremely tough and all of us have been studying in Hong Kong for years. So, what is your feeling about the education system in Hong Kong? In the following presentation, I’m going to talk about the existing education system and suggest ways to improve it.

The education system in Hong Kong is failing most young people because the education isn't a real education. But, what is a real education? In my view, education should help students to learn and develop themselves. In general, schools only focus on grades and students try very hard to get the grades. When society only focuses on the end result and ignores the real point behind the end result, we lose our directions and forget the real meaning of education and examinations. We are all familiar with the theory about learning not ONLY for the sake of exam results. But my point is that people blindly pursue grades at the expense of their own intellectual development.

Students all opt for the easy way to get good grades. That's really sad because we have to be spoon-fed. And after exams, we forget most of what we learnt in these years.

I'd also like to say education in HK fails students because it fails to inspire and develop people's interests and dreams, and keep them alive when they develop further. This also means society lacks diversity in its range of talents and flourishing industries. They might like music, art, drama, sports or anything else, and are very good at that, but they can't go on to do it. The education system does not provide students with that element of individuality and freedom to develop themselves, against the current of society. However, I don’t think it’s just about students’ problem, but also related to the culture within the society.

I'm also looking to see more about successful examples to extrapolate something useful from foreign systems. It basically presents some perspective on the education in Finland which...
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