The Issue of Discrimination and Antidiscriminatory Practice

Topics: Discrimination, Racism, Disability Pages: 3 (1079 words) Published: May 7, 2011
The issue of discrimination and antidiscriminatory practice Discrimination is the unfair treatment of a person or group deemed different from ourselves or society. Discrimination derives from our prejudices towards these groups of people who we have developed negative attitudes towards. Family, friends, workplace and society can affect these attitudes. It is part of your job as a social worker to fight discrimination where you find it and for this you adopt the theory of anti-discriminatory practice. Anti-discriminatory practice is the main strategy in combating discrimination. It takes into account how we behave towards other individuals. All employees in a care setting should promote this practice in the workplace as it is key to combating prejudice, in doing so they are trying to eradicate discrimination and promote equality for service users and for staff. 1. "Whatever the personal characteristics and needs of the individual, everyone has the same rights. Equality of care is a central value to all caring professions and is written into codes of practice and in the government's patient's charter." Discrimination takes many different forms so carers must be vigilant. One form of discrimination that can be found in the work place is to do with gender, whereby men are favoured over women for high ranking jobs within a company. Physically disabled people face discrimination everyday when due to their condition they are unable to access facilities in their physical environment. Perhaps one of the biggest forms of prejudice in our society relates to race. People who are racially different from ourselves (e.g. coloured, Asian, Pakistani etc.) can be deemed in some situations less desirable than a British Caucasian. They may also find it more difficult to get a job and once in this job may be met with much racial tension as with the case study below. 2. "Mr Singh had been a social worker in a local council's children's services department since 1991. When he became a...
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