The Issue of Abandonment Depicted in Enrique's Journey

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  • Published : December 18, 2012
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A Journey through Life

In the book, Enrique’s Journey, by Sonia Nazario, she talks about the true story of a young Honduran boy named Enrique. He was left behind by Lourdes, his mother when he was only five years old. Lourdes left to the U.S. as an illegal immigrant so that she could provide her two kids a better life. It didn’t turn out that way unfortunately for her because Enrique became a very bad kid. After eleven years of loneliness and suffering, Enrique decides to go in search of his mother in North Carolina. It was a very long trip for him, especially going through Mexico; he was beaten up in Chiapas, but what hurt him the most was losing his mother’s phone number. It was his only way of reaching her. Enrique tried crossing the border seven times, but each of those times something unfortunate happened and he got deported back to his country. It wasn’t until his eight attempt that he was finally successful in crossing the U.S. border. Enrique wasn’t coming to the United States because of the “American Dream”; he was coming because he wanted to be with his mother once again. Immigrants think that coming to this country will solve their problems, but in reality it creates more. They come for a better future, but what they don’t see is that they’re blowing up their present with their family and this might affect them in their future.

For Enrique and for many others, family unity is more important than anything else, even if it means living in poverty. Even though Enrique was very young he loved his mother like no one else did. Lourdes meant the world to Enrique and vice versa. On the other hand, Enrique was trying to have a kid with his girlfriend so she wouldn’t abandon him because he didn’t want to be lonely anymore; “Enrique desperately wants to get Maria Isabel pregnant. If they have a child together, surely Maria Isabel won’t abandon him” (35). Enrique is scared of being abandoned once again by one of his loved ones so he’s using a baby to...
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