The Island Review

Topics: Mind, World, Thought Pages: 3 (961 words) Published: March 7, 2011
Elias Chininis
English 1102
3 / 14 / 08
Essay 2
The Island

In The Island, a dystopian film directed by Michael Bay, we come upon a world in the not so distant future with some serious problems. People of the world now have the ability to purchase the ultimate life insurance in the form of a personal clone; available for any sort of life saving organ donorship that may become necessary. Since the clone is an exact genetic replica of the person, there are little complications when it comes to using these organs. Throughout the film we follow two clones on a journey to find their sponsor, and make a plee for their lives. Throughout the film, Bay uses the simplest of questions to help put us into the minds of these clones. With the use of symbolic prop placements, dream sequences, and specific aspects of the dialogue, Bay enhances our understanding of the life of these clones, and the common freedoms they lack. While the film as a whole may not be a theatrical masterpiece, these elements of the film do a very good job of analyzing a world in which clones exist and the problems that would arise. One of the very first scenes of the movie shows Lincoln getting ready in the morning. He goes to his drawer and discovers that he has a shoe that is missing. A normal clone would have simply put on a new pair, but Lincoln begins to question where his other shoe is. Then he wonders what happens to his clothes, who washes them, and who folds them for him. This opening sequence is all about questions. The audience has absolutely no idea what is going on, or who Lincoln is as we are simply thrown into the mix unprepared. Similarly, Lincoln has little more insight than we do and he’s been living there some time now. The film actually opens with a dream sequence. These dream sequences, nightmares in the mind of Lincoln 6 Echo, are as random to the audience as they are to Lincoln himself. By opening with such a confusing sequence of...
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