The Iroquois Kinship

Topics: Family, Marriage, Kinship Pages: 2 (580 words) Published: November 15, 2011
The Iroquois Kinship
The Iroquois Indians are very interesting people to learn about. Their kinship is what helps makes their culture to survive over the years. The Iroquois are consider a food-producing culture. The family would each have a part of the “system” to help maintain the house, crops, family and etc. For example in upstate New York the men of the Iroquois cleared and burn down the forest for the women to plant, weed and harvest the crops. In which shows us how the men and women of the Iroquois can teach us the way of living in big “groups”. Among the Iroquois tribe women are valued by community; for their labor and contribution to the community. Cultivation was among matrilineally related women of the longhouse cooperatively. Labor organizers were consider to be the older women to ensure that work was done together. Power with in the Iroquoian society was amongst the women for the owned the maize. Yes the men were the warriors, hunters and traders but because of the contribution from the women of the maize; this let them got to war or trading expeditions. If the women did not wish for the men to go on either expedition they withheld maize from men and would not let them go. Marriage is the selection of marital partners in which are determined by kinship since it must be exogamous. Therefore meaning they must marry outside the clan and/or lineage; the kinship system of the Iroquoian recognizes two groupings. They are parents and siblings whom are closely related to marry and potential spouses and in-laws. An example would be is a person marries his/her cross cousin; whereas parallel cousins are to close to marry. The book gives us an illustrated figure (4.3 Iroquois kinship). Show us that marriages among cross cousins can and should be and that it not permitted for parallel cousins to marry. Cross cousins being married is also called sibling exchange system; the exchange of siblings in consecutive generations. Therefore keeping the wealth and...
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