The Irony in “Bariatric Surgery: the Unspoken Truth”

Topics: Obesity, Bariatric surgery, Gastric bypass surgery Pages: 3 (1068 words) Published: October 27, 2012
Leandro Fernandez
Professor Elmore
ENC 1102
February 5, 2012

The Irony in “Bariatric Surgery: The Unspoken Truth”
In Escudero’s essay, “Bariatric Surgery: The Unspoken Truth,” he explores the risks and benefits of gastric bypass surgery. In this argumentative essay the author explains what the surgery is, what it does and how the different lifestyles of the patients change drastically in order to support their new body. Escudero mentions how before reaching a decision there should be research conducted in order to determine whether the operation is right for the individual whose life is at risk. He begins with a background check of what the surgery does and then incorporates positive and negative feedback from the surgery. Escudero’s intentions for writing this paper are difficult to understand. It seems to be an informative piece for the general audience because he talks about the advantages and disadvantages of the surgery but upon further inspection he points out how “the benefits outweigh the complications” making the paper a persuasive essay. In Escudero’s opening paragraph, a mood-setting prelude, a character is displayed awaiting the doctor’s decision for her “second chance in life” and is glad to hear that she is a candidate for gastric bypass surgery. If you are like me not knowing what the surgery was upon reading the essay you believe that this surgery is a gift from god and the solution to many problems in America. Then as the essay progresses the author mentions the rapid increase of performed surgeries over the years and how it affects more than just the person’s weight: “It has been known to lower high blood pressure, prevent heart disease and even reverse diabetes.” At this point you are thinking that nothing can go wrong with the surgery and that the doctors who perform this operation are miracle workers. A close analysis of this opening page uses a mixture of dynamic imagery and enticing promises to create an interest in...
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