The Iron Triangle

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Sarah Pikey
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The Common Assessment
The Iron Triangle
There are two parts to the Iron Triangle. The Bureaucracy which is the agencies that are responsible for the regulation of those affected industries. The Interests Groups influence Congressional votes in their favor. The last party of the Triangle is the Congress they are responsible for funding Government Programs. I will explain how the Triangle works using the article about farmers wanting to trade with Cuba. The Congress is responsible for funding Government programs and operations that provide oversight of them. In the article of the Congress won’t fund the exporting to Cuba and the Interest Groups which are the Texas Farm Bureau. They are trying to persuade Congress to life some export restrictions to Cuba. The Bureaucracies are the Cubans and farmers because they are the agencies that are involved in this whole system. The relationship between the parties in the Iron Triangle is very effective and need three parts to work. The Interest groups are politically active people with a common goal. The Interest groups can sufficiently influence the reelection of a member of Congress in return for supporting their programs. Next you need the Congress that operates and then providing oversight of them. The last part to make the Triangle work is the Bureaucracy and they are responsible for the trade associations and lobbying groups. They benefit from the operations and programs. There are many positives that can come out of the system of exporting with Cuba. The rice farmers really made good money when they were able to export rice to Cuba. Cuba gets their rice from Asia but farmers believe the Cubans would switch to American suppliers to save shipping time and freight costs. The farmers could send 600,000 metric tons of rice to Cuba every year. I think Cuba wants the American rice and the American farmers want to sell it to them which I think is a good idea. The...
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