The Iron Lady Book Review

Topics: Gender, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Margaret Thatcher Pages: 2 (850 words) Published: May 29, 2013
Thanadchaporn Eamlaor
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Gender Issue

The Iron Lady

Margaret Thatcher, was the first United Kingdom’s female prime minister. One day when she was an elderly after her retirement, she started to look back on her life when she was clearing out her husband’s clothes. And she finally saw her husband, Denis who is dead being visible to her. They spent much of her time in conversation with her husband who giving her comments on her successes and failures when she was a prime minister. Thatcher was a middle class daughter of a grocer. She has been interested about politics and finally graduated with a high degree on politics. Finally, she joints the political party when she graduated and was first elected in 1959 as the first female prime minister. However, she didn’t win in her first time of an election because she was a daughter of grocer which people do not really want to vote much for her. On the other hand, she won on her second time of her election. As we all know, in the past women do not have much power compare to men back in the old times. Gender roles has played the big part in people lives as men need to go out and work and can have a bigger decision on things while women’s place will be only at home and follow the husband. Thatcher was different from any other women back in those days, she stand up for her own self and trying to prove that women can be a leader as well. First, by the name of the movie, Iron Lady, in my point of view it refers to how strong she was at that time during she was the first female prime minister. Iron and lady are total opposite term of meaning. However, this name was given as she was a strong women fighting through all of her haters, intelligent, trying to do things as same as...
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