The Invention of the Air Plane

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The Invention Of The Airplane

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Essay _ Airplane
The invention of the airplane had a great impact on society and the world. It change the way people travel. Transportation became easier and faster. Before the airplane was invented people had to use steamboats, hot air balloons, trains, and road vehcile in order to travel either across the country or around the world. What is an airplane exactly? An airplane is an aircraft but the only difference is that an airplane is heavier. It has fixed wings and is power by propellers or jets. Orville and Wilbur Wright invented the first airplane, they were also known as the Wright brothers. The Wright brothers invented the airplane on December 17, 1903. The Wright brothers made its first successful experiment when they placed a man on the airplane and watch it rise and fly naturally with even speed while it descended without any damage occurring. The way an airplane works is complex. In order for an airplane to fly it needs air. Air however is very powerful physical substance that has weight. Air can be capable to push and pull anything that flies like birds, balloons, kites, planes and any type of aircraft. In order to fly an airplane needs to use the properties of air to create flight. The wings on an airplane are what lift the plane. The wings on an airplane are curved on the top. This helps make air move at a faster rate over the top of the wing. Underneath the wing however, it is straighter then the top. This makes the air move slower underneath the wing. The air underneath the wing pushes up while the air from above the wing pushes down. This contrast forces the wing to lift up into the air. The three laws of motion that was discovered by Sir Isaac Newtown explain how an airplane flies. Those three laws of motion are if a object is not moving, it will not start moving by itself, if and object is moving it will not change the direction unless something pushes it. Objects...
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