The Invasion of Vikings

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  • Published : December 13, 2012
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Question 1
Which three countries did the Vikings come from?
A) France, Italy, Spain
B) Denmark, Norway, Sweden
C) Austria, Germany, Holland

Question 2
In which year was the first Viking raid on Britain?
A) 793 AD
B) 1000 AD
C) 1073 AD

Question 3
Most Vikings sailed overseas because:
A) they were fleeing from enemies
B) they were going on holiday
C) they were farmers looking for better land

Question 4
What was the Danelaw?
A) A law made by the Vikings
B) the Viking language
C) the part of England where the Vikings lived

Question 5
What weapons did the Vikings use?
A) swords, spears, axes, bows and arrows
B) guns and cannons
C) bombs


Question 1
Where did most Vikings live?
A) in cities
B) on farms
C) in boats

Question 2
How did the Vikings do up their clothes?
A) with brooches
B) with buttons
C) with zips

Question 3
What work did Viking women do?
A) farming, fishing and fighting
B) farming, housework and making clothes
C) women did not work

Question 4
What did the Vikings drink from?
A) glasses
B) china and pottery cups
C) drinking horns and wooden cups

Question 5
What was a 'thing'?
A) an open air meeting held to discuss laws
B) a present given at a feast
C) a fight


Question 1
When the Vikings came to Britain they worshipped:
A) one god
B) many gods
C) they did not worship any gods

Question 2
What are the Norse Myths about?
A) contests between gods and giants
B) contests between heroes and villains
C) contests between witches and wizards

Question 3
Which god is Thorkel named after?
A) Freya
B) Loki
C) Thor

Question 4
Which gods did the Vikings worship?
A) Zeus, Apollo, Hermes
B) Jupiter, Mars, Mercury
C) Odin, Thor, Loki

Question 5
What did Christian Vikings put in British churchyards?
A) trees
B) stone crosses
C) houses


Question 1
What were Viking ships like?
A) strong, lightweight and fast
B) small and primitive
C) big, heavy and slow

Question 2
How did Viking sailors find their way?
A) with a compass
B) by the wind, stars and sun
C) by radar and computer technology

Question 3
How did the Vikings pay for goods?
A) with gold
B) with paper money
C) with coins, pieces of silver and jewellery

Question 4
Which new countries did the Vikings discover?
A) Iceland, Greenland and America
B) India, China and Japan
C) Jamaica, Barbados and Trinidad

Question 5
Who was Leif the Lucky?
A) a famous pirate raider
B) a powerful Viking king
C) the first European to land in America


Question 1
What was the Viking King Knut like?
A) good, popular and a Christian
B) evil, cruel and bloodthirsty
C) weak and helpless

Question 2
What year did the Viking Age end in England?
A) 950 AD
B) 1066 AD
C) 1214 AD

Question 3
When did Viking rule in Scotland end?
A) long before it ended in England
B) at the same time as it ended in England
C) long after it ended in England

Question 4
Which of these British towns have Viking names?
A) Grimsby, Whitby, Scunthorpe
B) London, Edinburgh, Cardiff
C) Manchester, Chichester, Lancaster

Question 5
What are 'sagas'?
A) Viking myths
B) Viking laws
C) Stories about real Viking people
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