The Introduction to Gatsby Commentary

Topics: F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby Pages: 2 (720 words) Published: October 20, 2011
The Great Gatsby

This extract explores the introduction to Gatsby’s character and the curiosity felt towards him by the main character Nick Carraway, as well as the beginning of their friendship. The opening line of this extract opens with a contrast between the party and the introduction to Gatsby’s character. The atmosphere of the party is created by the noun “lull” which is a temporary interval of quiet or lack of activity, which creates more of a negative mental image for the reader. This is contrasted with Gatsby’s smile, which is a positive verb, instantly attracts attention to his character. As the extract continues, we are exposed to Gatsby and Nicks first similarity. “Weren’t you in the First Division during the war”. This gives the impression that both Nick and Gatsby are already friends and makes us feel more comfortable around Gatsby’s character. The party continues on and Gatsby and Nick keep bonding. Gatsby then invites Nick to accompany him while he tries out his new hydro plane. Gatsby addresses Nick as Old sport which becomes one of Gatsby’s most commonly used phrases throughout the course of the novel. The use of “Old sport” again creates an atmosphere of comfort between the two characters, and lets the reader know that Gatsby is keen to make friends with Nick. Although Nick is still unsure of whom the man is he is talking to is, we are beginning to understand that it is actually Gatsby. Once we find out that the man talking is Gatsby we are pushed back into feeling curious about his character because the novel is named after him. Fitzgerald then provides us worth the first decent description of Gatsby. Nick comments on how understanding Gatsby’s smile is. “He smiled understandingly- much more than understandingly”, it seems that Nick feels somewhat attracted to Gatsby just through the feeling of understanding in his smile. “Enternal reassurance” tells us that Nick...
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