The Internet Takes Away from Community Involvement

Topics: Internet, Sociology, History of the Internet Pages: 10 (2289 words) Published: February 12, 2013
The Internet takes away from community involvement
Kenneth Soward
COMM 400 Winter 2012

The following research paper explains that the more an individual spends time online the less they get involved in their community. The research findings in this studies shows how negative effects that technology poses to our human interactions. Lager amount of time that we waste on the Internet takes away from our communities. Introduction

The use of the Internet is rapidly growing into are society it’s embedded into are lives. The Internet surrounds us with our everyday technology such as phones, video games consoles, cars, MP3 players and etc. Some studies have shown that some people can't even live without the Internet. Many individuals substituted the Internet for social networking which will than eliminate human interactions. Other communication is expanding exponentially as the number social media outlets, platforms and applications available continue to increase. Individuals use blogs, social networking sites, video sites, online chat rooms and forums to communicate both personally and professionally with others. Social media is an exciting and valuable tool when used wisely. The purpose of this paper is to inform society on the negative effects technology poses to our human interactions .The Internet takes away the very nature of seeing the emotions behind the words allowing little time for reflective thoughts. I find this study extremely important because the less engaged individuals become the likelihood of their environment suffers. This topic really interests me because the time spent online is increasing. Technology is so abundant in our society; we can access the Internet nearly very where in America. The Internet takes away a lot of our time and we could be using that time being more productive in our communities. Literature review

The first article I used was, “Community Networking and Locally-Based Social Ties in Two Suburban Localities,” this article takes a look at worries that have been spoken that Internet use may affect social participation and involvement in the local community. This study revealed that the internet use can be time-consuming and in can take away from human interaction. The time people spent using the Internet might replace time spent on neighborly relations and community involvement. Internet users belonged to more leisure organizations and to no fewer community organizations than non-Internet users (Katz and Aspden, 1997). The purpose of this study was to look at the relationship among membership in a geographically-based mailing list and locally based social ties.

A web-based survey of subscribers to two suburban mailing lists in Israel was conducted to look at relationship between membership in a mailing list and community social ties, social ties in the extended community and the movement from online to face-to-face interactions. It was found that although membership on the mailing list did not affect the extent of community relations, it increased the number of individuals a participant knew in the municipal. Online relationships with members of the local community proved likely to change into face-to-face relationships. The results imply that community networking increases social involvement and participation not in the immediate neighborhood but in the extended community and serves to complement traditional channels of communication.

In another article that I reviewed was called, “Internet Addiction: Hours Spent Online, Behaviors and Psychological Symptoms.” the discussion within the article was to study psychopathological signs, actions and hours spent online in patients with internet addiction disorder (IAD) at a new psychiatric service for IAD inside a policlinic. “In other studies, extreme internet use has been described as “other behavioral addiction” and “Impulse Control Disorder” (Tonioni pg456).

This study took 86 participated and asked them...
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