The Internet and the Library ( Compare and Contrast )

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  • Published: May 7, 2008
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The internet and the library , both are the considered to be a big depository of information .Library can be defined as [1]“A collection of literary documents or records kept for reference or borrowing” While Internet is defined as [2]“An electronic network providing access to millions of resources worldwide. University Libraries provide access to many periodical indexes through the Internet. Internet access is available on all floors of the Libraries.” Internet and the library both seems to be serving the same purpose but as the time goes by and world moves to new innovations and directions , the question arises is the latter going to replace the former . This essay compares and contrasts the Internet and an Library , how they share a common purpose and how they vary from each other while serving the purpose .

Both the internet and an Library provides information on a wide array of topics but it may be not be necessary that library in United states has the books or journals about the History of Asian countries like china , India . Even if an American Library does has the books and information on the Asian history it may not as exhaustive as it would be in the libraries based in Asia itself .

It is not possible to have the same set of books and information in all the libraries. Not all the books available in the Library of the Lindenwood university would be same as available in the libraries of Delhi University at India . Although noticeable works like the ones of Shakespeare would be definitely on the shelves of both the libraries .But its not always necessary that less known authors or journals will make to each library.

While on the other hand information available on internet is universal , the same information can be accessed in all the computers worldwide . There is no regional version of internet just about anyone and everyone can access the same information whether it is done with a internet connection in India or in Americas .

Most of the times libraries restricts borrowing or access of the books and journals until and unless the user has some kind of privilege like a student or an ID card . Not Anyone can use a university library until and unless he/she has an valid student ID or even one is allowed to access he/she may be limited to reference the books within the vicinity rather than taking it back home . On the contrary Internet is free and open to all , almost every information available online is free to access and refer , one can take as many copies has he wants of the content available on internet , provided he gives proper referencing and adheres with the copy and intellectual rights . Although some websites ask for membership to access the content and may even charge its user but that is mostly with the commercial websites .

It Seldom happens that library is restricted to certain domains of information. Nevertheless it depends how vast is the library : if its an school library the chances are it may be not have the research papers on Nuclear Science but if its an University Library . Finding research papers may not be an problem .

While on the other hand there are no “School” or “University” level of internet one can find information on each and every topic from safety pin to an Nuclear Reactor regardless of the place or the institution its being accessed at . Of course if the institution restricts the viewing of certain websites . Then one might not be able to view the blocked content.

Internet and libraries are open to everyone but both cannot be accessed at all times . Mostly the libraries don’t open till Midnights and have fixed operating times . On the other hand internet can be accessed 24/7 . All you need is an connection to the internet on an pc or notebook computer.

If one is using library in the United States or England most the books would be probably available in English and same is the case in other regions and nations .For instance libraries in Spain would...
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