The Internationalization of Amazonia

Topics: United States, Brazil, Rio de Janeiro Pages: 2 (601 words) Published: January 11, 2012
This stopped the north americans
Show of the brazilian Minister of Education in the United States

This one deserves to be read, after all is not every day that a brazilian shut the north americans up. During a debate at an university, in USA, the ex-governor of DF, ex minister of education and current senator CRISTÓVAM BUARQUE, was asked what he thought about the internationalization of Amazônia. The young American beginning his question saying that he expected an answer of a humanist point of view, not of a brazilian.

This was the Cristóvam Buarque’s answer:

“In fact, as a brazilian, I simply would speak against the internationalization of Amazônia. As much as our government don’t have the right care of this heritage, it’s ours. As a humanist, feeling the environmental degradation that threatens the Amazônia, I can imagine its internationalization, and for everything that has a lot of importance to our humanity as well. If the Amazônia, as a humanity ethics, should be internationalized, let’s also internationalized the oil’s reserves around the world. The oil is as much important for the welfare of the humanity as the Amazônia is for our future. Nevertheless, oil’s owners feels on the right to increase or decrease the extraction of petroleum, as well as raise its price. The same way, the financial capital of wealthy countries should be internationalized. If Amazônia is a reserve for all the humans, it can not be burned by the will of its owner, or its country. Burned Amazônia is as serious as unemployment caused by arbitrary decisions of global speculators. We can not let that the financial reserves serves to burn down entire nations according to the whims of speculation. Even before Amazônia, I would like to see the internationalization of all the big museums around the world. The Louvre can’t only belong to France. Each museum of the world is guardian of the most beautiful peaces produced by human genius. We cannot let this cultural heritage, as the...
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