The Interconnection of the Three E's: Economy, Energy and Environment

Topics: Peak oil, Energy development, World energy resources and consumption Pages: 7 (2597 words) Published: March 2, 2013
The interconnection of the three E’s: Economy, Energy and Environment


The relationship between the three EEE’s; Economy, Energy and Environment The purpose of the following blog post is to introduce the reader to the relationship between our global Economy, the Energy that we produce and the Environment we are part of, also known as the three Es. My goal is to give my readers a better understanding of the connections these three different areas have and how they relate to one another. Furthermore I would like to enable readers to comprehend the increasing challenges all three E’s are facing, and the implications these may have on our future. What are the three E’s and what do they consist of?

At first, thinking of similarities and interconnections between our economy, energy and the environment may seem absurd. All three areas are very contrasting and focus on completely different ideas and concepts. Therefore, we must first understand what each of them means and what they incorporate. Economy: The word Economy is a term that has to do with how a social system converts resources into goods and services. This is achieved throughout the work that is done by companies. The goods that a company produces are manufactured materials that are bought from costumers and services. Economy is actually the way that we organize ourselves’ and without a functional economy all of our hopes and dreams will corrupt, since we need reasonable and useful processes to make use of the resources that we need in each society group.  (1) Energy: Energy plays a big role for the costs of the goods and services produced. Without energy sources there can be no economic development. Energy is any type of renewable or nonrenewable resource. Energy resources are sometimes much more important than the money we are investing into a business, since energy is responsible for the growth of any good produced.   (1) Environment: Environment is the most important thing in terms of resources. The resources that many people use to produce food for themselves or the energy that industries use to goods are totally connected to the environment. People use the environment so intensely that there is a fear that many energy resources are going to soon be depleted and consequently, nonrenewable. Humans consume natural resources every day no limitations. If our society continues to evolve around this intense, and fast growing reality “the next twenty years are going to be completely unlike the last twenty years”. Resources are getting less and less and the environment is not corresponding with the upcoming and demanding evolves of society and technology.   (1) In short, our economy is largely dependent on energy. The production of energy, in turn, depends immensely on the availability of natural resources. Until now, we have relied heavily on the use of fossil fuels. However, as Withgott and Brennan explain, "our production of fossil fuels will begin to decline. We can respond to this challenge in creative ways, encouraging conservation and developing alternative energy sources. Or, we can continue our current dependence on fossil fuels and wait until they near depletion before we try to develop new technologies and ways of life." (1) Understandably, the path we are going to choose will have an enormous impact on our planet and on the future of humanity.

Indeed, there are many people who support this interconnectedness of these three fields of life, and one of the most influential and at the same time the first to try and explain this interconnectedness is Chris Martenson. In addition to his incredibly simple and straight to the point video-explanations, our professor has made us the topic clearer throughout our entire semester, trying to show us different ways and examples that pointed out the strong relationship between these three E’s. As a matter of fact, not only I have become more aware of the issues raised in this topic but I am able to make all the...
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