The Integumentary and Nervous Systems

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  • Published : March 13, 2013
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The knowledge of the different body systems as a practitioner is vital to the care of patients. (Ref)1. As a Dermatology Nurse the in depth knowledge of Integumentary and Nervous systems and many more systems are crucial when it comes to treating, managing or slowing down the effects of a patient’s condition. (Ref 2) A good practitioner, who is practically familiar with various forms, phases, complications, and tendencies of cutaneous disease, ought to be able, with a good light, to pronounce on it at first sight. (HUNT. 1865, p.8) As the largest organ of the body, and the most visual, the skin is highly accessible to assessment, although the process is complex. It needs an effective plan of care. Also an understanding of normal structure and function, it’s disruption by disease processes and the influence of psychosocial factors. (PENZER ET AL. 2010, p.42) Nurses spend considerable time protecting the skin and preventing its deterioration, because the skin is intricately designed as a structure and function to protect the body from a range of external physical and biological threats. (PENZER ET AL. 2010 p.62) In the Integumentary comprise of structure and functions of our skin. The structure of our skin consists of two layers epidermis and dermis. The normal function of the epidermis being the outer portion, which in itself is also divided into thin layers called the Strata, is for protection of the body. It is also composed entirely of epithelial cells and contains no blood vessels. (COHEN. 2013, p.112) The epidermis is constantly lost with wear and tear because of its lack of blood vessels, so it has to get nourished via capillaries in the underlying dermis which has stem cells that produce new epidermal cells. (COHEN. 2013, p.113) The layer that all this happens in is known as the Stratum Basale and in here the cells constantly divide themselves and reproduce new cells. The new cells are then pushed to the surface and as they go through this process; they...
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