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Topics: 60 Minutes, The Insider, Tobacco Pages: 2 (793 words) Published: February 17, 2013
Media is the Double-Edge Sword
In the current society, media is one of the most important way for people to know information which they are interested in. People delivery or send a valuable message based on media, such as TV show, e-mail, etc. Mostly of time, media is helpful to people because people can get useful information from that. However, the media is a double-edge sword depends on people’s purpose. The media will become an incisive weapon which brings people such infinite negative effects if someone is trying to sending misleading message on purpose. In the movie The Insider which directed by Michael Mann, it tells a story about the tobacco company tries to protect their profit by abuses its power and threaten them through the media when the main characters Jeffry Wigand and Lowell Bergman try to expose the truth about the addictive nature of cigarettes by using media. In the beginning of the movie, the tobacco company abuses its power to protect its benefit. Firstly, the CEO of Brown & Williamson fires Wigand with a ridiculous reason which is poor communication skill. However, there is no evidence can proof Wigand is bad at communication, the tobacco company fires Wigand just because he does not agree the company adding chemical hazards into cigarettes so that their profit can be maximize. Then, as the contract Wigand has signed before, he supposed still has the medical insurance even though he is unemployed right now; whereas, the company exploit its power and threaten Wigand to sign the new confidentiality agreement otherwise they will cancel his medical insurance since they know it is impossible for Wigand effort the medical fee of his daughter without medical insurance. Plus, after Wigand record for the 60 minutes TV show, the tobacco company misuses its power to give the CBS News stress which is if the CBS broadcasts the video on the TV then the CBS will faced a few million lost. (Need concluding sentences?) Furthermore, the media will bring...
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