The Insanity of Edmond Dantes

Topics: Psychosis, Edmond Dantès, Abbé Faria Pages: 2 (480 words) Published: September 17, 2008
The Insanity of Edmond Dantes
In the story The Count of Monty Christo by Alexander Dumar, Edmond Dantes is to become the captain of the ship Pharaon. He is framed for collaborating with a traitor. Edmond is sent to prison without a proper trial. The prison, Château d’If, is a terrible place. Dantes finds the captivity more than he can bear and becomes suicidal (59) Edmond is actually insane and hallucinates most of the story. Edmond is actually in his cell for the majority of the book, and predicts his own death when he says “he died a prisoner, more wretched and more miserable than any”(120). Edmond admits that he is insane on page 43, “They must put madmen with madmen.” He is also told that he will go mad within two weeks and looks forward to it (42-43). Edmond’s circumstances are very unlikely. It is unlikely these events could happen to a person. There are no chances that he could have found a fabled treasure or that he would not have been caught when he left Abbe’s cell in the sack pretending to be dead. There are too many variables in the story .If any one of them were just a bit off none of these events could have happened. In one of the pages it says he” bent it” (a chisel)” into the shape of a horse-shoe and straightened it out again” (76). He would not have been able to bend metal without breaking it. It is just not possible to do that to metal. Edmond actually sees himself as Abbe Faria. Edmond probably sees his own reflection. Despite the time that has gone by, his mind believes that he is still young. He names this older version of himself Abbe Faria. In his hallucination he comes to see this person as a father figure. In his hallucination Edmond wants to be smarter, so he invents a false education (75). Abbe’s tools are too perfect. His tools are not something someone could make without Proper training or without the correct equipment. No one will give a prisoner that many materials, such as the candle stick” A penknife…which he had made out of a...
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