The Information Processing Cycle

Topics: Computer, Personal computer, Information Pages: 1 (290 words) Published: August 1, 2012
This refers to the way information is processed in a computers information management system. The information processing cycle consists of five specific steps:
1.Input – This is any kind of data- letters, numbers, symbols, shapes, images or whatever raw material put in to the computer system that needs processing. Input data is put into the computer using a keyboard, mouse or other devices such as the scanner, microphone and the digital camera. 2.Processing – This is the transformation, sorting, text formatting and editing of data into information by the central processing unit which is a device consisting of electronic circuitry that executes instructions to process data. For instance; when the computer adds 4+4=8 that is an act of processing. 3.Storage - Data and information not currently being used must be stored so it can be accessed later. There are two types of storage; primary and secondary storage. Primary storage is the computer circuitry that temporarily holds data waiting to be processed (ROM) and it is inside the computer. Secondary storage is where data is held permanently. A floppy disk, hard disk or CD- ROM is examples of this kind of storage. 4.Output – This is whatever is put out from the computer system as the result of processing. Processed information is output, e.g. numbers or pictures displayed on the monitor, music piped out over some loud speakers or words printed out on a paper in a printer. 5.Communication – Computers nowadays have communication ability which increases their power. With wired or wireless communication connections, data may be input from afar, processed in a remote area and stored in several different places and then be transmitted by modem as an e-mail or posted to the website.
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