The Information Home Appliance Control System - a Bluetooth Universal Type Remote Controller

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2.Project Overview3

3.Functional Requirement4

4.Non-Functional Requirement4



5.Use Case Diagram4


5.2Use Cases6

6.Class Diagram7

6.1UML Class Diagram and Description8

6.2CRC Cards9

7.Sequence Diagram12


7.2Operate Garage Door13

7.3Operate TV14

7.4Operate Microwave16


A home appliance control system (HACS) is a system which provides various services to remotely operate on home appliances, such as microwave oven, TV, and garage door etc through remote devices such as mobile phone, desktop and palm-top. This document furnishes the Use Case diagrams, Class diagrams, and Sequence diagrams for the Home Appliance Control System using UML.

Project Overview

The Home appliance control system is controlled either by a cell phone or a by palm top or by a PC. They are connected either through wireless application protocol (WAP), the Internet, or intranet. It controls various appliances such as a microwave, TV etc. The HACS system receives commands from remote devices that are manipulated by user. The system in turn dispatch commands to respective appliances that will perform the actions. HACS is responsible for keeping track of the states of the devices. If something goes wrong, it will notify the user by sending messages back to the remote devices as well as emergency department if necessary.

The following picture gives an overview of how this system is going to work.


The system administrator of the HACS system has the ability to add a new appliance or delete an existing one. The system administrator has the ability to add a new remote device and configure it with HACS or delete an existing one when it is not used. Also the system administrator can create an account for a new user or delete existing account if it is no longer used.

Functional Requirement

A home appliance control system (HACS) is a system which is controlled by a remote system such as a mobile phone or a palm-top, and at the same time controls, monitors and coordinates home appliances such as air conditioner, microwave oven, garage doors, TV set, VCR, audio controller, indoor/outdoor lights, water sprinkler, home security system, bath tub controller, etc.

In order to activate home appliances and to allow for different ways of cooking, the HACS needs mechanisms for communication between the different devices in the system, and for coordination among the various processes running on such devices.

Note that the HACS needs mechanisms for adapting to different needs of the user as well. For example, when the user is very hungry, the microwave oven may need to respond to the user’s request that it operate maximally to cook the food as fast as it can. For another example, if the user is hungry, tired and may come home late, then the system may be asked to fully cook the meal by the expected arrival time, and periodic warming up every 10 minutes afterwards.

Non-Functional Requirement

1 Adaptability

The HACS shall be adaptable. Any change is environment shall be detectable, and the HACS shall then be transformable through recognition of the change in HACS needed and the change recognized shall be enacted in the system. The system could be automatically adaptable or manually adaptable. Since speed is of paramount importance for any real-time system, it shall be given a priority comparable to that of the adaptability requirement. This presumably according to the customer needs. Detecting changes in the environment is usually a very time-consuming task, hence hurting speed. Similarly, detection of events could induce significant performance penalty.

2 Safety

The HACS shall also be safe. For example, the microwave oven should now blow up or become too hot to...
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