The Informatics Olympiad in Mongolia

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The Informatics Olympiad in Mongolia

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Abstract. The Informatics Olympiad plays key role in introducing Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to Mongolian secondary schools. It is one of the biggest ICT related competition among Mongolian secondary school teachers and students. The goals of the Informatics Olympiad are to stimulate interest in informatics and information technology, and to bring together exceptionally talented teachers and students from all over Mongolia. Mongolian Informatics Association organizes annual national informatics Olympiads in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (MOECS) and other universities for the 21st year. For past years, a number of activities were implemented to enhance the informatics Olympiads, such as training of informatics subject teachers, development of training manuals and handbooks with tasks and problems for the informatics Olympiads, various activities to support participation of Mongolian teams in the International Olympiad in Informatics. In this paper, we describe national informatics Olympiads in Mongolia, informatics education, Mongolian participation in the International Olympiad, and related key issues and problems.

Keywords. Information and Communication Technology, informatics education, informatics competitions, programming contests, Informatics Olympiad, Mongolia

1. Informatics Education

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science has used Vision-2010 as a model to implement ICT in the education sector, developing an action plan which was officially approved in 2001. The Vision for ICT in education has four major components, covering following areas: • Training: Full utilization of ICT in each educational level’s curriculum and contents in order to introduce opportunities provided by ICTs and gain knowledge and skills to use it; • Hardware: Supply of hardware allows the conduct of training according to different level of modern ICT development and provides possibilities of free access to information; • Teaching staff: Supply of teaching staffs which have the capabilities to develop themselves in terms of their own knowledge and skills in line with rapid development of ICT; • Information ware: Creation of possibilities of available and accessible information service by establishing educational information database and network (MOECS ICT Vision, 2001). The informatics education in secondary schools plays key role to reach to implementation of the Vision for ICT in education. The informatics as a subject has been included in the secondary school curriculum in Mongolia since 1988. The old curriculum covered basic concepts of informatics, basics of algorithms and programming and it was not fully covered due to lack of hardware facilities such as computers, trainings were mostly concentrated on providing programming and algorithm development skills. For past years, a number of activities were implemented to enhance the informatics curriculum, such as development of standards, training of informatics teachers, development of training manuals and materials for the informatics subjects in secondary schools. One of the most important steps taken by government to improve informatics training was development of first standard for informatics education during year 2000-2004. Within this standard Informatics subject taught starting from 5th grade from the academic year 2005-2006. This standard has following advantages...
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