The Influnce of Figurative Idioms in English Language

Topics: Phrase, Meaning of life, Linguistics Pages: 3 (1017 words) Published: June 5, 2011
Abstract: Figurative idioms paly an important role in English language. They represent the national culture and they are the core in language. The fgurative meaning and unity of idiom make the language colourful and vivid.

Keywords: Figurative idiom; English language; Unity

With the continual development of human society, language is developing as a tool which of people using it to express thoughts and communicate with each other. In all the elements of language, the change of lexicology is fastest and the most remarkable. Figurative palys an important role in the evolution og semantics, and the most part of importance in figurante are figurantive idioms. Any developed language contains a large amount of idioms, and thus these idioms consist of a enormous lexical sustem with cultural character in language.

There are many idioms exoressing meaning with the help og some specific image. For example, a noun phrase: a dog in the manger (a person who prevents others from doing or enjoying something that he does not want or does not use himself); a verb phrase: to have a bone to pick with (to argue with somebody); a preposition phrase: in deep water (in some difficult suituation). All of these phrases are counting on figurative. So they called figurative idioms. They are the central part of English language.

The most important character of figurative idioms is that have the meaning of figurative. Because of this , they can make the language more lively, more symbolization, more vivid and humorous. Without this kind of sense, the express of language will be colourless and unlively. These idioms use the form of specifical and “even kids can knows” to express their meaning. For example:

“to help a lame dog over the stiles”. It use a lame dog to stand for the man who are in tuouble. It is very vivid to tell us that.

“He who laughs last laughs best”. We can know it very easy even when we look it at the first place.

“Between the devil...
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