The Influential of Paris and Coco Chanel

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The influential of Paris and Coco Chanel

Paris has been a great helping hand to Coco Chanel to a large extent. Her life has been transform to becoming the most powerful and fascinating women entrepreneur and successful fashion designer of the 20th century. To be living in France and not even traveling the world, it is amazing to be able to have lots of ideas in fashion. Chanel is a great independent woman with much discipline and endurance during her lifetime. She is also known to be the most influential person in the world till now. Many were influenced by the way she design her works. She always kept everything to be simple and her choices of colours are always black and white.

Paris is one of the most important and influential cities in the world. Paris is considered to be one of the most beautiful and vibrant cities in Europe. Paris is also one of the world’s leading business and cultural centre and its influences in politics, education, entertainment, media, fashion, science and arts. It has always been the most popular tourist destination. The city contains numerous iconic landmarks that attract most visitors such as Eiffel tower as well as famous institution and parks. Paris has been going through a lot of obstacles during the 19th and 20th centuries. During the inter-war period in 1918 - 1939, Paris was famed for its cultural and artistic communities and its nightlife. Paris became a gathering place for artists from all around the world.

Since Paris is the centre of arts in the 19th century, it has affected Chanel’s way of thinking. She has always wanted to give new ideas to the world just like her fast growing country. She knew that she needed to be better and totally different from other designers at that time in order to be recognized. By doing so, she was then well known by her designs of hats. She had totally revolutionized the way of fashion in people thinking. Chanel was a very hardworking and independent women. She always knew what she was doing and has her own way of mind.

Chanel started of with just designing hats and helping the rich to adjust their wardrobe malfunctions. That was her first step in becoming of what she is today. Her first boutique of hat design opened in 1910 was her first investment. Chanel grew so fast in her career when she decided to introduce the new fashion of women’s wear in appropriate place and time. It was in 1913 that Chanel made a new trend when she designed the clothing’s for leisure and sports. At that point of time it was in the post- war era where Paris experienced the largest development since the end of World War I in 1914. After World War II, Paris was free. The outlying district of Paris began to expand with large social estates and business district. This was the time where Paris helps boost Chanel business.

Chanel was categorized under the movement of modernism or in which modernist Paris. Modernism means all art is modern at the time it is made. It is also a style or a movement in the arts that aims to break with classical and traditional forms. In the history of art, ‘modern’ is used to refer to a period dating from roughly the 1860s through the 1970s and describes the style and ideology of art produced during that era. This movement was from Europe and it spread to New York. It is also a cultural movement that Chanel gone through. When cultural movements go through revolutions from one to next, genres tend to get attacked and mixed up. As for Chanel, it was like a fashion die every three months so which means everyone had to adapt to changes and style. For example, moving on from corsets to loose clothes for outdoor activities. That is also a movement of modernism. Modernist philosophy and art were still viewed as only a part of the larger social movement.

Paris has always been known as an inspiration city of art. It has influenced Chanel herself in many ways. She realized how important it is to feel...
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