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The Influences on the Human Being

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The Influences on the Human Being

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The Influences on the Human Being

Through Out his career as a writer there has been two main influences on Lawrence hills writing. These Influences are known to be the influence of almost every human beings life. The first influence on his work is his family, meaning his mother, father, siblings, wife, and his daughter. The second influence is the world around him from the past, present, and future. Hills family and their experiences can be found in many of his novels, such as Black Berry, Sweet Juice: On Being Black and White in Canada (2001). Hills passion for the truth of the world can be found in any of his novels. But by far the most influential thing in Hills work is the people around him.

Lawrence Hill is the son of Daniel and Donna Hill. Hill is the child of an interracial marriage his father black and his mother white, they married in 1953, moving to Canada from Washington D.C shortly after. His mother was a civil rights activist and his father was with the African Methodist Episcopal Church. Daniel and Donna were also the ones to start the Ontario Black History Society in 1978. Hills parents inspired him to become who is today from their experiences through out their lives.

When It came to his writing, Lawrence Hills parents at first were not to happy,
“They’d actually hoped that we’d all become professionals and make more money than human rights activist and do better in the world than people who walk around waving placards and so forth. So initially they were hoping we’d doctors and lawyers and engineers — but none of us turned out that way. You know Dan became a singer/songwriter and my sister Karen writes poetry. And I became a novelist” (Hill).

But over time they came to except that their children would continue to follow their own paths in life. By accepting that they would not get their way his parents helped further his dreams instead by helping him develop his skills as a writing and broadening his imagination. Another way...

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