The Influences of Culture and Enviroment

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  • Published : February 27, 2013
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The Influences of Culture

H. S. Bhola
Curriculum Inquiry
Vol. 30, No. 4 (Winter, 2000), pp. 497-503
Published by: Wiley

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It is a commonly observed fact that the environment, as well as culture, has a significant influence on the lives of individuals all over the world. People are born, grow up and die in specific surroundings, which shape out their outlook, resulting in a certain life style, behaviour and standards. People’s attitude towards life and the pathway their life takes, is affected by various factors. Among them, a family, culture, religion, the place where they grow up, their friends, can be mentioned. Thus, the family influences the place where children grow up and what kind of people they communicate with, while maturing. Besides, this affects what food they eat and the external effects to which they are exposed. To a large extent it determines the pathway they take through life, both while living with their family, and as they grow up and leave the family home. Many specialists talk about the enduring effects of socio-economic circumstances. According to recent research, children born in poor families are more likely to experience financial issues, as adults, than those who were born in wealthier families (Harper et al., 2003). Poor children are also more likely to be less healthy and suffer from various diseases, than their richer counterparts. Research also shows, that even the premature death of adults, can be connected to the socio-economic circumstances of one’s childhood, as well. Children, born in poor households, tended to suffer from premature death more often, than those who were raised in wealthier...
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