The Influence of Western Cowboys in America

Topics: Cowboy, Equestrianism, Rodeo Pages: 2 (752 words) Published: May 22, 2011
Have you ever seen a typical American Western Movie? If so, I think it’s not difficult to form an image of western cowboys in your mind. Then what do they look like? A boy, wearing felt hat and riding boots with dagger and handgun on the waist, press his two legs powerful which makes the horse speed away. In a word, west cowboys are the heroes on horsebacks. Because of the lifestyle and behaviors of them, western cowboys have become a sign of liberty, bravery and adventuresome. From the old cowboys make influences on American culture gradually which can be seen from not only work of art but also their paraphernalia and ideas on values. Apart from movies, songs and poetry are also vivid in describing their feelings and life. According to Harold Braverman in his article published on VOA, they just sang these songs as they rode on the saddles of their horses across the cattle lands which were very close to them.( At that time, they fought against the deserted area and silence with the beautiful tunes and words. As Thin Lizzy sang in the song “Cowboy Song” in Live And Dangerous, “Riding in the rodeo /Roll me over and set me free”. This could explain why they are so fascinated by the riding life—they are longing for liberty, of course. Their riding with their free thinking in the wind gradually becomes a symbol which roots in American dreams about freedom. A noose, cowboy towels, clothes, cowboy hat, cowboy boots--modern cowboy costume hasn't much difference from that in movies. Because everything has its existence value rather than is just decoration. For example, the noose is the most useful tool to control the herd. Once some cattle rush out the queue, cowboys use it to catch them which show their power and technique. The bandanna called cowboy towels is multipurpose which protect cowboys from sunburn, dust and chilliness. What’s more, the tall cowboy boots decorated with colorful leathers and spurs make it...
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