The Influence of Sumba Culture on Local Architecture in Indonesia

Topics: House, Dwelling, Abode Pages: 4 (1404 words) Published: March 5, 2012
Sumba Culture and its Influence on Local Architecture
Observation Essay by Sagita Devi, 0706269432
Written to fulfill the task of Ethno Architecture Class

Architecture and culture are an inseparable unity. Both are complementary and mutually form a community or ethnic group identity in which the union was finally established historical cultural space, especially in traditional architecture. This can be seen at the time I made some observations about the culture and architecture of Sumba, where architectural community that they have a realization of a whole and the unity of their sacred value of life. This can be seen on traditional village pattern, building form, spatial structure, home decor accessories as well as the rules of religious processions and ceremonies of life that integrates with the entire building of their architecture and physical space between the physical and the religious no longer limiting. For the people of Sumba, there is no death that gripped or sad. Death is a starting point where someone will live again as a connector between those who are still alive with their Lord. Therefore, death is coming of an honor, prepare a dwelling is a pride, and explores living with the ancestors who have died is a sense of security and of their closeness to God. Discussing the Sumba people can not be released from trust Marapu which has long adopted a down-dropped by the people of Sumba. Adherents of this belief in the world believe that life is only temporary and after the last day they will live eternally in the spirit world or in heaven Marapu. In this belief, in addition to worship the ancestral spirits, they also worship the spirits are fine and sacred objects are believed to have supernatural powers. Marapu trust inherent in society Sumba also influence the pattern and form of settlements and their homes. Many of the settlement which was situated at an altitude and this is related to their belief that high ground is the dwelling place of ancestral...
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