The Influence of Religion on Personal and National Development

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  • Published : January 3, 2013
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‘akdams Akinola D

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This piece was written by a friend. I had to share it. The one who is self-applausive would hastily regard it is an anti-religion article, but the non-biased logic-minded personality would reflect on its content and see naked truths. NB: This is the original piece with just some grammatical corrections.


Two athletes, one African and one British, were interviewed after the successful conclusion of their respective events. The African who had won an event attributed her success to the grace of God. “He touched my limbs; I could not have done it without him.” The British athlete, on the other hand, gave substantial credit to her coach as she attributed her success to a regime of rigorous training. Of course, glory must be given to God for all we are able to achieve as mortal human beings.

There are certain things we are never going to achieve in life either because we are too tall or too short! The natural attributes which propel us to unimaginable heights can hardly be purchased in the cosmetic market. However, our natural attributes or talents could be a waste if not augmented by appropriate training. In short, there is something to be celebrated in the explanations both athletes attributed to their individual successes. Those of us exposed to cultures other than our own have exciting stories about the gulf of differences in cultures.

The British man or woman may be quite happy to say “Happy New Year” to you but cannot understand why you need to keep praying for what you would like God to do for you in the New Year. He or she knows, for instance, that to own a home one would have to approach a bank for a mortgage! There is this temptation on my part to assume or conclude that the British, for instance, may be more rational than the Nigerian. This writer is hardly the most rational of...
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