The Influence of Religion in the Kite Runner:

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  • Published : September 15, 2007
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All through the novel Kite Runner there are various references to Muslim tradition and beliefs, there is an instrumental role of Islam on the story and its characters. Religion seems to be many things to many people in this book. Baba is celebrated in part for his exceptionally secular ways in a traditional society. Amir exercises it in an entirely private way, as if his faith were more repentance than conversion. Hassan is a victim of discrimination and bigotry and in Assef's Taliban rendition, Islam is essentially just a pretext for his pathological cruelty. It would be impossible to completely appreciate Kite Runner without reference and understand of the characters religious values and morality.

Baba's view of a sin is that the only sin is theft and every other major sin is a variation of theft and "when you tell a lie, you steal a man's right to the truth". The attitude towards drinking was that it was a sin and those who did drink did so in private out of respect. "Piss on the beards of beards of those self righteous monkeys. They do nothing but thumb their rosaries and recite a book written in tongue they don't even understand. God help us all if Afghanistan ever falls into their hands". Amir's father didn't like the devout right winged religious clerics who impose their strict religious views on others in Afghanistan who do not allow for normal human errors and sins of flesh. It may be suggested that Baba only did good deeds in order to assuage his racked guilt. To completely understand the novel it would be impractical not to appreciate and understand Baba's religion values and morality.

Amir was influenced by his father not to have too much regard for traditional religious values by his father and this allowed him to find happiness with Soraya. It is only when his father becomes sick that he begins to turn back to his long forgotten beliefs. After his marriage and father's death religion is still a part of his life but only practice his faith in...
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