The Influence of Pop Culture

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  • Published : April 2, 2007
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In the 21st century, Internet has been widely used by everyone around the world, and is closely related to our everyday life. The development of Internet has made our world smaller. For instance, like Skype this kind of online free telephone saves our money, we no longer need to worry about our expensive phone bills. It draws people from different places in the world closer. The most important thing is that it has a positive influence on us, and that people are more willing to keep in touch or communicate with others who are far away from them. Like for me, before I usually call my grandparents once a week, but now I call them almost everyday. Internet has made our world to a global village, draws everyone closer.

Internet can have lots of positive influence on us IF we use it correctly. We can use it to share our works online, or we can search for lots of useful information that we need. However, if we use Internet incorrectly, it will then have a negative influence on us. For instance, going out with someone you met on the Internet without knowing who they actually are. Also, the existence of Internet crime syndicate can be a negative influence on us, like some people might want to be like them because they make lots of money. The most common negative influence of Internet on us is that lots of students got addicted to online games, blog, etc. Thus they are not concentrated in their school works, not doing their job as being a ¡§student¡¨. Also, spending more time with Internet instead of what they are supposed to do. It is not only students who are like that; some office workers also got negative influence by Internet. Tattoos

Tattoos have also being very popular in these years. Many people have tattoos on their bodies, especially in some certain festivals or events like in World Cup. At this time, tattoos can have a positive influence in our pride. For instance, if someone is very patriotic to his or her country, he or she might get a tattoo...
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