The Influence of People on Our Lives

Topics: Comedy, Family, English-language films Pages: 2 (521 words) Published: March 12, 2013
People come and go in our life. The most important thing is that they all influence you, either with a big effect or in a small way. Even if they are come in our life only for a short period of time, things they say, and things they do can make a big difference. These effects can lead you to take other turns in your life, choose different ways and make you think in sundry way. In my life there are few people who I can say influenced my life. One of them is my grandmother. She was a very energetic woman, and even if she was over sixty her way of thinking was very youthful, and modern. She grew up in a village and in her 20`s she moved to our town. Therefore she knew some tricks for everything. Like for different illnesses which herbs we need to take or some very practical advice on anything. Also she was very special and always had a phrase for every occasion. These phrases were funny and so true, but the main thing was they were always positive. Just like her view on life. Her advice was always very simple but straight to the point. My grandma had a great love for classical music. She introduced me to some great piece of music. I remember when I was at her place we would sit outside on the balcony and listen to some of great music, these moments are the best moments of my life. So many times when I have trouble in my life I always think about her and our great time together, that makes me calm down and try to think the way she was thinking. Another person who influenced my life is my school friend. She`s a person with a great sense of humor, very smart and with great common sense. She has always been there for me. We haven’t seen each other for a year or so now, but it`s not a problem for us. We hardly write to each other, but when we meet it is always feels like we have been seeing each other every day. She has got a great personality and she is one of those few people who know what she wants from her life. We were very young when she told me how she will live...
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