The Influence of Parents on Their Chidren

Topics: Family, One-child policy, Childhood Pages: 2 (824 words) Published: March 29, 2013
The Influence of Parents on Their Children
Parents and children are interacting with each other in thinking and behavior. In my memory, my mom influences me a lot because she not only teaches me in her style, such as observing people’s routine life, but also be a friend who can tell me to a right direction. Encouraging children to be independent, listening and respecting children, and being a good example for them are three approaches of my mom uses to raise children.

The first approach of raising the child is to encourage children to be independent. Most of people are from the only child families, due to the only child policy. Selfish, fragile, and egocentric are some popular disadvantages in the only child’s personalities. On the other hand, the only child rely heavily on their parents. My parents used to busy in their works, which meant nobody can help me if I don’t know how to take care of myself. In order to solve this problem, my mom asked me to see how people act in the usual. In my observation for a while, I began to know about how to cook; later, I learned how to wash and fold the clothes. Gradually, I became a girl who can live without parental helping in my age. Although I have been forced to be independent, I am still grateful to my parents to provide an opportunity for me. As time passes, I get order, I am being more independent meanwhile I need more respecting and listening.

Secondly, parents should listen and respect their children. Since my mom found me already a teenager, she was worried about communication. In adolescence, I began to have my own ideas which sometimes conflicted with my parents’. For example, school choice problem. My parents thought No.1 Middle School was the best choice for me because it not only trained many outstanding students but also near our home. I strongly disagreed because I didn’t want to be an excellent student who always be forced into learning; also I didn’t like my parents to...
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