The Influence of Media in Society

Topics: Richard Nixon, Bob Woodward, Gerald Ford Pages: 2 (788 words) Published: June 24, 2011
The influence of media in society
Media is very important for society because it is essential to have a healthy democracy. Indeed, a strong media is the cornerstone of a democratic society as it makes people in power accountable for their acts; it makes sure that the truth is brought to the surface for all the citizens to know and it offers a wide variety of different opinions so that in learning about them, people can form their independent opinion.

Journalists have the job of bringing information about certain topics that normal people don’t have access to. We can mention for example, information about politicians or people with important posts and their different strategies to success. Journalism can even be crucial and create a turning point in history. We can refer to the 1972 scandal in watergate, when Nixon was the President of the United States. The Watergate scandal started being just a crime done by some burglars, but a couple of journalists from The Washington Post started investigating about the case and finally discovered that actually the Watergate scandal was a conspiracy against the democrats. These two Journalists brought the truth to the surface, and finally Richard Nixon ended up resigning to his position of President. In a film called All The President’s Men we can see how the investigation developed, and at the beginning it was not so important and they gave the case to these two journalist who didn’t have so much reputation and ended up struggling around with people who were very close to Nixon. Another case that involved Richard Nixon and journalism, when, Nixon had already resigned to his position. David Frost, who was the host of T.V shows in which he interviewed people, arranged a series of interviews with Richard Nixon. At the beginning David Frost behaved as if everything was fine, but as time went by he realized that he was facing a man who corrupt de North American constitution and decided to make him speak about the...
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