The Influence of Ecotourism to Indigenous Australian

Topics: Indigenous Australians, Indigenous peoples, Australia Pages: 3 (811 words) Published: May 17, 2013
Throughout the main land and Torres Strait, there existnumerousindigenouspopulations among Australia. According tothe data from Australia Bureau of Statistics, Ross (1996) points out that the exact number of indigenous people is not sure because the definition of ‘indigenous Australian’ is not quite certain in the history.Meanwhile, it is largely accepted (Sofield 2002) that the indigenous Australians contain approximately 2% of the total number of Australia population, which is about more than 430,000 in number.Most of the indigenous Australians are now living in remote areas such as national parks. With the natural benefits,one of the mainly commercial activities among them is the tourism or ecotourism in their homeland. They can gain a lot of opportunities in terms ofthe improvement of their economicand commercial development (Fuller et al. 2007). However, Dyer, Aberdeen& Schuler(2002) find out that ecotourism has more negative effects than the profits. This result has also been found by more researchers such as Fuller et al. (2007), Buultjens, Gale,&White, (2010).Thus, the disadvantages of ecotourism are much bigger than the advantages.This paper will find out to what extent the benefits can help the indigenes as well as how bad the negative effects will generate to the communities. As one part of the dominative commercial activities, ecotourism plays an important role and can output many economic benefits to the indigenous communities. Buckley (2011 p.398) states that tourism is not only a human behaviour but also a huge commercial benefit activity across the entire world.Hisconclusion (2011 p.409) demonstrates that the tourism market now is a part of more than a tenth of the global economy. Indigenous Australianinhabitants mainly rely on the land where they live. Fulleret al. (2007) research the remote indigenous communities and find out that the indigenous-owned ecotourism enterprise now is one of the mainstay industries for them. Their (2007) article...
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