The Influence of Class Size on Academic Achievement

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Tastambetov Marat
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Discursive Essay
Academic Achievements
Whether the Class Size Influences Students Academic Achievements
Nowadays in a modern world permanent improvements are required so that our good life would become better. Trying to be a pioneer at this pursuit for innovations a lot of long-lasting controversies occur between people while making the unique choice, the right one, and this is the human nature, the greatest advantage and drawback in one face – always to be dissatisfied and mistrusted, so that amends can be done to develop in a steady way and still continue to dream for the brighter future… Making numerous researches humans are unable to come to a common solution: while one side makes researches and gives statistical data proving their standing, another side gives their own, ruining previous. At this “battlefield” of innovations, introductions in educational system are also not exception, moreover they are mandatory, because education is a foundation of the modern society. One of the easiest and “working” ways to improve the system is to decrease the amount of students per teacher. Accordingly we can understand that class size influences on students’ academic achievements, but on the other hand, some well-developed countries dispute the statement above show the same or even better results studying in huge classes. So there comes a paradox: somewhere the decreasing of class size is beneficial, while in another part of the world it is not even required.

Firstly it might be right to start from the definite advantage of decreasing the class size – teachers can make much of each student, this allows constant improvement of study skills. Studying in a huge class, it is impossible to converse with each student simultaneously keeping in step with a general educational program, so choosing between personal development and compliance of educational standards, pace is chosen in huge classes, and...
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