The Ineffective Manager Case Study

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* Case is about sunrise engineering organization a highly reputed company which has shown remarkable growth in industrial electronic goods. * General Manager Mr. Ravi Narain observed a decline in sales and employee turnover high at junior level of Chandigarh branch. * Mr. Narain visited the branch and found the employees to be enthusiastic and local. * The Chandigarh branch was responsible for sales in the entire region and looked after functions like services, dealers, accounts and collections. * The employees felt humiliated and reluctant to participate in discussion with the general manager. * The branch head was Mr. Singh a 40 year old gentleman who had worked with them for the last 10 years. * Mr. Singh told him that

* They have 7 dealers and 300 customers.
* The schedule of every executive was fully planned by him on weekly basis. * He has been giving the employees exhaustive instructions on how to complete their tasks. * Used to supervise the way they used to deal with the customers. * Employees had to submit daily reports for the work done. * Mr. Singh gave an explanation that the young employees are not ready for hard work nor they want to learn from their experience * Mr. Singh also stressed that employees don’t appreciate his working and selling style simply because they aren’t competent enough. * Communication was the worst hit in this scenario.

* Motivation level was very low.
* General Manager replaced Mr. Singh with Mr. Tandon.
* Employees were pleased but worked in the same style.
* Mr. Tandon had to work hard to earn respect & trust. PROBLEMS APPARENTLY VISIBLE IN THE CASE
* Excessive supervision control
* Communication breakdown
* Employees highly de-motivated...
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