The Industrial Revolution in the Late 1800’s

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  • Published : April 6, 2011
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The industrial revolution in the late 1800’s was a positive development for the U.S. because there was a large growth in technology and in city’s.
The industrial revolution was the growth in technology, a shift from small scale manufacturing to large scale factory production. One of the biggest inventions of the 1800’s was the light bulb, invented by Thomas Edison in 1880. It was his invention that led to long lasting light bulbs. Another invention that was created was the typewriter which was invented by Christopher Latham in 1867. This was the first way to write something with out doing it by hand. With many of the new machines being created made tedious tasks into easy ones. Now a worker would do little more than tend to the machines.

The first industrial revolution was between1830-1840 and during this time many new factories were being built. By the late 1800’s the U.S. had become the largest and most competitive industrial nation in the world. One of the most important factories being made was the steel factory. In 1855 Henry Bessemer patented his new way to make steel. There were now larger blast furnaces which had a daily capacity of 450 tons each. This made the steel making process faster and cheaper than it had ever been before. With more factories being built in the city’s there was a large shift from people living in the country to the city. By the late 1800’s more people were living in cities across the U.S. than there ever have been before. With new jobs being made and the amount of new people moving into the cities, new homes were being made. With people moving into these new homes and having good paying jobs, the standard of life was on the rise. The industries grew because of new equipment being created, which made jobs faster and easier. One of the most important pieces of equipment created was the gasoline powered tractor; created in 1892 by John Froehlich. The first tractors were used in farming, construction, road work and other work...
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