The Indictments Against Advertising

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  • Published : April 25, 2007
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Starting off with this reading, I didn't like it. It was just too much negativity against something that we use everyday for the wants and needs of ourselves and others. I do agree however, on the fact that we should buy advertised products rather than those that aren't advertised. I guess you can say its due to the fact that the companies publicly back their products, but I believe if you cannot afford to advertise than your product can't be that great in the first place.

I disagree on the topic of that advertising makes us too materialistic. I believe its not the fault of the ad but rather the fault of the person. If you didn't have money to buy something, than you can't obtain that product if it was advertised or not. But if you had money to blow, than advertising helps sort out the selection of products that you can possibly buy.

Now, on the topic of advertising manipulates people psychologically to buy things they don't need is a load of crap. If your spending thousands to millions of dollars a year on advertising your product your going to make sure its persuasive. Its like a silent sales person. If you go to a car dealership they're going to persuade you into buying one of their vehicles. This is the same thing, only in black and white. One last statement about this is that in order to sell you have to connect with your client, so when it says in here than advertisement shouldn't play on peoples desires, emotions, fears, or anxieties, your not going to sell the product. You have to make a direct link between the product and the consumer, no matter what tactics you use to get that point across to them.

The fact that advertising is offensive is crap, period. If you have enough time to look at an ad and think about it, than call someone to say its offensive, than you really have no life. The bottom line is that some people love ads to see whats out there and compared different products and theres other people who despise them and write short essays...
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