The Indentured Servants of North America

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  • Published : October 25, 2010
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The history of North American white indentured servants was as long as the entire North American colonial history. May 1607, London sent the first group of settlers to North America, built the James Town. The number of first group immigrants was 105, including the white indentured servants. Just in decades later, a large-scale importation of white indentured servants was filling the town. Initially, the Europeans tried to get workforce from indigenous Indians of North America. They had tried every means to capture Indians as slaves. However, North America is home for the American Indians, they can easily escape after being arrested. On the other hand, the total Indian population was extremely limited, far from meeting the needs of the growing colony. In this way, the European colonists turned eyes to the whites. North American colonies in 1680, according to official estimates, the number of white indentured servants that transported to North America were about 1 million each year. 17th century, indentured servants became of the most common slaves in North American colonies, they accounted for about half the total immigrant population. The reason why white indentured servants been transported to North America can be varied. One is those who are unable to repay their debts. Who unable to pay the debt, people would signed for a contract with creditors that are willing to work a number of years for satisfaction. Second, people think of the lack of tolls to North America. Many poor immigrants, in order to raise travel fees, often sold themselves into slavery to a transatlantic ticket, as the so-called "voluntary contract people." The third is kidnapped by the colonial government of immigrants. American colonists fabricated a fairy tale of how the rich is the North America, to induce a large number of English, Scottish, Irish, French people, Germans, Dutch, Jews and Swedes moved to America, of which the largest number is English people. Their lack of self-defense...
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