The Indecisive Person

Topics: Decision making, Cognition, Self-esteem Pages: 2 (708 words) Published: November 6, 2011
Lisa Mulkern
South University

Shakespear's most tragic hero Hamlet questioned, “ To be or not to be”. So often we are unable to decide on choices we face in life, much like Hamlet. This is normal. The problem starts when the inability to make a decision becomes extreme. When this occurs, it has been proven to be disastrous unless fixed,(Pelusi,2009). The outcome for the chronic indecisive person is often a life filled with unhappiness, low self esteem, loss of time and money, and sometimes serious health problems. The solution is to work at fixing this behavior before it gets out of control, and to do this we need to understand what causes indecision. Decisions are required in all aspects of life, no matter how simple it may be. For instance, deciding what to wear on a date or what color to paint your bathroom are simple decisions, but deciding what car to buy or if you should invest in a particular stock, are more intense. These all require a thinking process which is pretty complex. The thinking process requires other cognitive functions such as memory, assessment of risk, knowledge of outcome, motivation and reasoning, (Sukanya, 2009). Indecisiveness is a basic term that means the inability to make decisions, and is a common condition we experience in various phases in our lives, usually when we are faced with challenges,(Phylameana, 2011). Decision makers can be classified in two extreme groups. One who decides on impulse and later may wish they had made a better choice , and the second group of people are paralyzed and suffer from chronic indecision(, 2011). One of the most common reasons for being indecisive is the fear of responsibility. When you decide, then you have to face consequences. It is this fear that makes many individuals avoid making any decisions, and often avoiding decision making situations. People suffering from this need to realize that being wrong or making a wrong choice is OK, in fact...
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