The Incredulity of Saint Thomas

Topics: Venice, Italian painters, Renaissance painters Pages: 1 (414 words) Published: February 28, 2013
This work was made in Venice and it was completed in 1504. It was made by an artist called Giovanni Battista Cima whose paintings were intended to portray key moments of Jesus life. Specifically through this painting Cima da Conegliano was trying to portray a moment of Jesus life. This moment portrays when Thomas places his finger in Christ’s side, to verify that Christ has resurrected. Jesus here is in the middle of the room and the tallest and this gives out an image that he is the ‘lord’ and the main focus of the picture. One of the reasons why the artist painted this painting is because he is an Italian Renaissance painter and his views have therefore influenced the painting. Another circumstance that could have influenced the work was the fact that his first paintings were much harsher where his figures were looking much more prude whereas his more recent paintings lost the harshness; perhaps this is a reason why this painting has a lot more softer tones and more gentle figures than a painting that he first painted would have had. Also there were external factors that influenced the artist. He was influenced by other artists such as Giovanni Bellini and Antonello da Messina. He was influenced by Giovanni Bellini because of his poetic and sensitive style in his paintings; while Antonello da Messina influenced him with his fully developed style. This work addresses loads of social, cultural and historical issues. It’s a religious piece so it addresses to all Christians and other religions. It relates a part of Jesus life which is a historical moment marked in this painting. And it shows the culture of the time. The culture here in this picture is seen by the clothes used and the architecture of the time shown in the background, and also the landscape. This is very similar to other art pieces produced by this artist. Most of his work also concentrates on the social, cultural and historical side of Jesus life as most of his pieces are equally portraying a...
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