The Increased Use of Nuclear Power Reactors

Topics: Nuclear power, Nuclear fission, Lists of nuclear disasters and radioactive incidents Pages: 2 (547 words) Published: December 12, 2010
Today, 439 nuclear power reactors produce approximately 16 per cent of the world’s electricity. In nine countries, over 40 per cent of energy production comes from nuclear power. The IAEA, an international organization in the UN family, fosters the safe, secure and peaceful uses of atomic energy and helps ensure the use of nuclear technology for sustainable development. In Africa, there are only two (2 ) nuclear power reactors and there is no significant development of nuclear power infrastructure in the near future. In the long term, however, Africa has the interest to change its energy dependence from fossil fuels to nuclear sustainable energy. To achieve nuclear energy, it will be necessary for Africa to embark on an analysis of whether African countries are willing combined financial support, locations for establishment, and storage centers for radio- active byproduct to establish a nuclear power source that will offer energy to many countries in Africa across borders. This prospect will require the collaboration of African countries, who alone cannot support or more importantly, need a nuclear reactor only for its citizens. Uganda, desires to aid in the African independence of nuclear energy for its continent. It desires to do so, however, only with the highest level of sophistication in erecting and operating the nuclear facility to protect its citizens and neighbors from nuclear accident. Also, it desires international monitoring and regulatory oversight to ensure the by product of nuclear energy does not fall into illegitimate uses, such as terrorist weapons. The benefits of such independence are not only local to the continent of Africa, it will aid also the international community in knowing consistent policies and procedures are being maintained to generate nuclear fuel. The Country of Uganda therefore proposes the following resolutions: 1. Uganda will collaborate and work with its neighboring African countries to analyze and determine the...
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