The Inconvenient Truth

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  • Published : January 28, 2013
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This movie is in fact about global warming. Wait, what is global warming? It is the greatest enemy that the world is facing. It is the cause of all misfortunes and calamities that are eventually happening today. But who are we to blame the continuous damage that it makes? Why do we often put the blame to the factories and other machineries, well in fact that humans are the one responsible for making them. It’s funny that humans intend to wash their hands about the inconvenient truth that we are facing. The award winning documentary speaks about the Earth’s great enemy, global warming.

This documentary pave way to the better understanding of the things, that constitute to global warming. It is Al Gore who described this in a very simple but with great impact. This disturbing fact really hit me but this movie could change the world’s outlook of the greater possibilities that this dreadful matter might bring. Enumerate the causes of global warming.

1. Carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuel burning power plants 2. Carbon dioxide emissions from burning gasoline for transportation 3. Methane emissions from animals, agriculture such as rice paddies, and from Arctic sea beds 4. Deforestation, especially tropical forests for wood, pulp, and farmland 5. Increase in usage of chemical fertilizers on croplands Discuss the politics and economics of global warming.

The global warming has lead the government to make a move for the better remedies towards global warming. They are making it in a cost-efficient way to lessen any problem that may arise. Many government institutions gathered and come up to agencies that are regarded with this matter. Those agencies are specialize for these situations and are funded to take any help as possible if any famine occurs. What could happen to different animals more vulnerable to climate change?

Animals are dependent to its surroundings. They survive based on how they adapt to...
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