The Imprtance of Evidence Base Practice

Topics: Obesity, Weight loss, Bariatric surgery Pages: 6 (2018 words) Published: January 7, 2013
Module title: Using Knowledge and Evidence to Support Study and Practice Assignment title: What are the best available treatments to tackle obesity? Course: B.A.N.S - Adult Branch
Name: Lisa Clarke
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According to the case study if weight loss could be achieved then the health risks associated with obesity could be reversed. Even moderate weight loss of 10 per cent would reduce health risks which include Diabetes, Hyperlipidaemia, Hypertension and Sleep Apnoea. Also if 15-20 per cent of body weight could be lost in the first year of diagnosis, then this could reverse the increase of mortality rate caused by the health risks associated with obesity (Kirk 2003).The question is, what are the best available treatments to tackle obesity? The assignment will explain the benefits and challengers of finding evidence to answer the question, both in Nursing Practice and for studies. The assignment will also explain how the search process was conducted to locate and retrieve evidence to answer the question. The evidence that was gathered in the search process is appraised and summarised then a conclusion given on the findings. Finally a conclusion will be given regarding how useful the process was towards the understanding and the need to support evidence based practice (EBP). In Nursing Practice, finding the answer to this question involves using (EBP). The ability to use (EBP) is an essential and important approach to the delivery of health and social care. (EBP) is using the best available evidence, to deliver the best possible care, using one's best clinical judgement whilst taking into account a patient’s preference. Two important elements of using (EBP) in Nursing practice are that it leads to positive patient outcomes and it allows one to justify, give a clear account of and rational of the care being given, as being a professional one is accountable for one’s actions (Aveyard, Sharpe 2009). The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC 2008) declare that as a professional one is personally accountable and must be able to justify all actions used in practice. The ability to use (EBP) in studies is also important, as being able to answer the question and explain in an assignment what evidence was found, what care will be given and why it will be given, will then be put into practice when a student is in a clinical setting. Patients will expect a student to understand and explain to the patient why the patient is receiving that care in a particular way. This will become increasingly important as the student will gain experience and eventually be the one using (EBP), planning and making decisions relating to the care of patients (Aveyard, Sharpe 2009). Another benefit of using (EBP) in studies is that it prepares students to be good consumers of research. Using (EBP) enables students to research and appraise evidence that is relevant to specific questions, both in studies and clinical settings. The ability to research for studies gives students an advantage when going into clinical settings, as this knowledge to research will assist organisations to improve patient outcomes (Layman, Eve L 2008). Jolley (2010, p19) believes that:

Research in Nursing is essential because Nursing will never be content with what it knows and what it can do. Nursing will always strive to make things better.

However it is important that the evidence used to answer questions, in Nursing Practice and for studies, is up to date and relevant. It would not be good practice to give a patient treatment that is out of date. Finding evidence from a reputable source is also an important factor, as anyone can upload material onto the web and it may or may not be well researched. Evidence found may not always be the best source of evidence in some cases, as there may be instances where research has been done but the data is...
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