The Impression After Reading

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The impression after reading <The Secret Garden>
Bookworm series of books

It was the amazing title that attracted me to read this book. I had read a lot of Book worm series of books, but only this one impressed me deeply.

<The Secret Garden> was written by an English writer named Burnett told a story about a little young girl who born in India . Because of a terrible disease, her parents and all her family died. So she was sent to her uncle’s home, which was in Yorkshire of England . Then the story spread among the young little girl Marry , her servant’s brother Dickon and her uncle’s son Colin. Marry was a selfish girl before she lived in Yorkshire, she did not like anybody else, even her parents. So most of people did not like her either. But when she met her servant Marthna, who influenced Marry . And she became to realize the happy life , also she liked people. The robin told her where was the secret garden . she liked planting and watching the plants growing. she became stronger and healthier . she and Dickon helped the ill Colin come back to normal life. At last , her uncle came back to the secret garden , and saw his healthy and smart son . They all lived happily.

We must recognize that it is the power of nature and carefulness of human bring the happy to the poor people. If everybody have a kindness heart to think more about other people’s feeling, you can also feel happy. And we should try our best to help others . The nature is also our closed friend. We love them. That is to say it is love makes the world go round.
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